Our erection engineers and supervisors undertake the following task for you:

Erection planning comprising the identification and specification of the type and scope of the erection work covered by the contract, defining the prerequisites and requirements for the execution of the erection work as well as the manpower, equipment and auxiliary materials requirements.

Erection supervision covering the overseeing, coordination and monitoring of all erection activities, checking correct execution of the work, assistance to the Project Manager in the planning and coordination of activities designated to ensure that the project objectives are accomplished within the prescribed time frame and budget, maintaining real-time knowledge of the work status and timely submission of progress reports.

Site management comprising the planning, control and supervision of the erection work. Our site manager reports directly to your project manager. Main responsibilities of our site manager include expediting and work progress monitoring, the technical direction of the field supervisors and the site office personnel, implementing and coordinating the necessary information flow and the cooperation between all parties involved in the project.

Further services are:
  • Site Procedure Manual
  • Scheduling of Site Activities
  • Manpower deployment planning
  • Construction equipment deployment planning
  • Assessment of site access conditions
  • Site facilities
  • Location plan for site facilities
  • Site safety and security
  • Safety procedure for construction sites
  • Planning  on-site  material management
  • On-site material management
  • Bill of quantities for erection work
  • Erection procedure
  • Discipline-specific site management
  • Site administration

Key Facts:

  1. Supervision
  2. Site management
  3. Quality-control, -management
  4. Work shop inspections, manufacturing control
  5. Expediting
  6. Construction planing
  7. Cost control, time scheduling
  8. Claim management

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